Leveraging distribution channels for campground and RV park marketing amplifies revenue by expanding the visibility of your campground or RV park to a broader audience. These distribution channels help campground owners reach new campers by marketing camping accommodations through display on multiple platforms, attracting a wider demographic of outdoor enthusiasts for increased booking potential.

Spot2Nite partners with industry leading distribution channels to market your campground or RV park to vast audiences for instant booking, each with highly targeted audiences of campers and RV enthusiasts. Outdoor accommodations of Spot2Nite-connected parks become directly bookable on the AdventureGenie, Camping World, Good Sam, ReserveAmerica, and Roadtrippers platforms for a targeted audience of over 60 million campers, RVers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Leading RV rental companies RVezy and RVshare also drive booking traffic to the Spot2Nite marketplace through RV rental and RV park packages.


Read on to learn more about the booking benefits of Spot2Nite’s distribution channel partners and their unparalleled distribution value for parks listed on our marketplace.


Adventure Genie is a digital platform that assists travelers in discovering and booking unique outdoor experiences, including campgrounds, RV parks, and adventure activities, through its AI-powered website and mobile app. Providing campers and road trip enthusiasts with a convenient tool to explore and secure accommodations and activities tailored to their interests enhances their overall travel experience and provides direct campsite booking through an integration with Spot2Nite’s connected-campground inventory and booking platform. Incorporating intuitive AI trip planning caters to the modern day camper demographic with highly personalized and streamlined trip discovery, planning, and campground booking all in one seamless experience, thereby capturing a highly motivated audience.


Camping World & Good Sam

Camping World is a leading retailer of RVs, camping gear, and outdoor accessories with over hundreds of locations across the United States. Camping World integrates with Good Sam’s suite of traveler geared services and benefits, performing as a comprehensive savings and campground resource ecosystem and providing additional booking opportunities for avid RVers. Good Sam is a trusted resource for RV owners that provides a variety of camping services including campground directories with direct booking links to Spot2Nite parks, trip planning tools, and campground discounts. Good Sam helps campers find new destinations to explore by offering comprehensive directories, user reviews, and exclusive discounts, making it easier for RV and outdoor recreation enthusiasts to discover and enjoy new destinations while saving money. By powering booking on the Good Sam travel app and other Camping World domains, the outdoor inventory of Spot2Nite connected parks is served to Good Sam’s highly targeted and dedicated user base for instant discovery and booking.



ReserveAmerica is an online reservation platform that facilitates bookings for campgrounds, cabins, and various outdoor recreational activities across North America, offering a comprehensive solution for outdoor adventurers. It allows users to search for available campsites, make reservations, and manage their bookings conveniently through its website or mobile app. Parks connected with Spot2Nite also have their campground accommodations served to the ReserveAmerica audience for instant discovery and booking. This integration provides a solution for campers seeking state park campground reservations that are often sold out by serving ReserveAmerica users with alternate private campground availability in close proximity to state parks and other popular camping destinations.


Roadtrippers is a popular online trip planning platform that helps travelers discover unique destinations, attractions, and accommodations along their route. It aids in planning road trips by offering customizable itineraries, points of interest, and suggestions for scenic routes, while also assisting campers in finding campgrounds to explore through an integration with Spot2Nite’s extensive database of RV parks and campgrounds.


RVezy is a community based RV rental platform connecting RV owners with travelers seeking unique camping experiences, offering a wide selection of privately-owned RVs for rent, allowing travelers to choose their preferred vehicle based on location complete with delivery options, comprehensive amenity listings, mileage insights, and reviews to streamline the reservation process. Spot2Nite partners with RVezy to provide all-inclusive camping packages that match an RV rental with an available RV site for special events, providing campers with a bespoke and convenient way to elevate their stays while simultaneously facilitating additional avenues for Spot2Nite connected parks to earn revenue.


RVshare is a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace that connects RV owners with travelers looking to rent recreational vehicles for their adventures. RVshare provides a solution for travelers looking to find RVs to rent by offering a diverse range of vehicles, from motorhomes to travel trailers, and facilitates the booking process through its platform with options for delivery for seamless pickup and drop off. Additionally, RVshare provides resources and recommendations to assist travelers in finding RV parks and campgrounds to explore to elevate their overall RV rental experience. Spot2Nite partners with RVshare to develop RV camping packages that match an RV rental with an RV site available for instant booking for special events such as eclipses, music festivals, and more for a custom and hassle-free way for campers to enhance their special event camping experience, and to provide Spot2Nite connected parks with supplementary revenue opportunities.


By providing comprehensive solutions for outdoor enthusiasts, each of these distribution channels provides campground and RV park owners with a vast network of highly motivated campers searching to book outdoor accommodations. Through connection with Spot2Nite, campground owners can benefit from key distribution channel strategies to strengthen campground and RV park marketing for unmatched revenue potential.


Through direct park management system (PMS) integrations with industry leaders such as Checkfront, Good Sam Campground Solutions, MYSites, Newbook, Premier Campground Management, ResNexus, ResortForward, RMS, RoverPass, and Staylist, parks can seamlessly integrate with the Spot2Nite Marketplace to display real-time availability for all your RV, tent, lodging, and glamping sites. This allows travelers to instantly book campsites within a convenient, centralized marketplace with hundreds of amenity and experience filters to increase visibility of your RV park or campground business. All reservation details and inventory adjustments are automatically managed within your existing PMS, simplifying your operations and enhancing efficiency. Parks in the market for the best RV park management software should consider the following key queries when vetting a park management system.


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