Property management systems (PMS) provide essential tools for campground operators to streamline day-to-day operations and scale for revenue growth and success. Each PMS on the market offers unique campground management software tools tailored to significantly improve operational efficiency and enhance the overall guest experience. When vetting a property management system for a campground or RV park, it’s essential to consider the tools and integrations each property management software provides to ensure it meets the specific needs of your business. Here are 10 questions to ask, the top 10 campground management softwares in the industry, plus expert insights on the importance of direct connections with online travel agencies (OTAs) like Spot2Nite. 

  1. Integration with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Does the PMS have direct integrations with relevant OTAs like Spot2Nite?

    OTAs supercharge your property’s revenue through direct connection to your PMS, offering a competitive advantage in the outdoor accommodations marketplace. Properties that utilize OTAs benefit from increased visibility and reach through access to an extensive user base – in the case of Spot2Nite, over 60 million outdoor enthusiasts. OTAs also provide a user-friendly interface that streamlines the booking process, making it easy for travelers to find and quickly book at your property. Campground operators can employ dynamic pricing strategies to take advantage of demand and seasonality through direct connection with your chosen campground or RV park software. Campgrounds and RV parks connected with OTAs benefit from marketing campaigns that target specific audiences interested in the exact experience your property provides. As a neutral OTA, Spot2Nite leverages digital advertisements, social media, blog content, email outreach, SMS, and push notifications to engage its user base and direct users to your property’s profile page for instant booking. Click here to discover additional benefits of OTA integration for your campground or RV park business.
  2. Reservation Management. How does the PMS handle reservations – can it manage both short-term and long-term stays for RVs and campgrounds, as well as ancillary sales?

    The system should facilitate efficient online reservation processing, including flexibility for various stay durations and group size options specific to your property’s offerings, as well as add-on experiences and ancillary services. Through the PMS online booking portal, users should have the ability to browse available dates, choose specific sites, amenities, facilities, and additional rentals such as golf carts, and quickly make reservations in real time.
  3. Channel Management. Does the PMS offer channel management capabilities to synchronize rates and availability across multiple booking platforms?

    Channel management ensures consistency in pricing and availability, reducing the risk of overbooking and maximizing occupancy for your campground or RV park. Confirm the ability of a prospective campsite software to accommodate multiple distribution channels including OTAs, booking platforms, and any other third-party channels you wish to utilize in order to expand your property’s reach.
  4. Mobile Accessibility. Is the PMS mobile-friendly, allowing you to manage reservations, check-ins, and other operations on the go?

    Mobile accessibility through cloud-based software enhances operational flexibility and enables quick responses to customer inquiries and issues with access to real-time operations data. Campground and RV park staff are constantly on the go, and mobile accessibility empowers your team to maximize the guest experience.
  5. Payment Processing. How does the PMS handle payment processing, including secure transactions and the ability to integrate with various payment gateways?

    Secure and efficient payment processing is critical for providing a seamless booking experience while ensuring financial accuracy and security. Your ideal campground or RV park software will allow you to facilitate transactions for reservations, entry fees, and experiences, all within one streamlined user interface. Depending upon the needs of your business, this may include setting custom payment policies, offering multi-currency support for international travelers, automated invoicing, and integration with your point-of-sale systems.
  6. Guest Communication. Does the PMS offer features for automated guest communication, including booking confirmations, pre-arrival instructions, and post-stay follow-ups?

    Effective communication enhances the guest experience and builds customer loyalty and trust. Automated messaging takes the burden of constant communications off your staff and provides your customers with valuable information for a seamless check-in and stay experience. You may opt for a campground software that offers customizable email templates to incorporate your property’s branding and unique offerings.
  7. Reporting and Analytics. What reporting and analytics tools are available in the PMS for tracking performance to assist in strategic decision-making?

    A campground or RV park software can provide your property with valuable metrics including occupancy and revenue reports, reservation tracking, guest demographics, channel performance, analysis of cancellations or no-shows, how amenities are being utilized, maintenance and facility reporting, forecasts for occupancy, and additional metrics to help you understand your property’s performance and optimize your day-to-day operations.
  8. Maintenance Tracking. Does the PMS include features for tracking and scheduling maintenance tasks for facilities, amenities, and infrastructure?

    Proper maintenance management ensures a well-maintained and safe environment, contributing to overall guest satisfaction. Your staff can request and log maintenance, handle work orders, manage inventory for supplies, schedule preventative maintenance, manage vendors, and utilize many more tools to centralize and simplify maintenance management.
  9. Scalability. Can the PMS scale as your campground or RV park grows, accommodating an increasing number of sites and services?

    A scalable system assures that your campground software can adapt to the changing needs of your business without requiring a complete overhaul. By providing the necessary tools and automation, park management systems empower campgrounds to efficiently handle increased demand, optimize resources, and provide a seamless experience for guests as your business grows.
  10. Customer Support and Training. What level of customer support and training is provided by the PMS provider?

    Seek a property management software that provides comprehensive hands-on customer support and training for a smooth transition for your staff and easy implementation for your property. Many campsite software providers offer around-the-clock support for your team and educational resources so that your property can quickly benefit from your PMS integration. Research your prospective campground or RV park software’s customer support and training offerings to ensure they will meet the needs of your staff.

9 PMS softwares to consider. Armed with this knowledge and a clear understanding of your property’s specific needs, here are some of the best RV park management software options in the industry. Explore their offerings, reviews, and check out the free demos on their sites for a firsthand look at the tools they provide.

Checkfront is a popular option for its user-friendly interface, flexible online booking system, and integration with many payment gateways on the market. 

Good Sam Campground Solutions has everything you need to manage your campground or RV park with site management, reservations, and amenities tracking, and seamless integration with Good Sam Club services.

MYSites offers a simplified reservation process that promises enhanced customer conversion rates and revenue growth while providing your team with strategic data to boost your property’s potential.

Newbook’s award-winning platform centralizes operations and improves staff productivity with task management and automation tools so you can spend less time on operational tasks and more time enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

ResNexus is a perfect fit for small and medium-sized campgrounds and RV parks. Their award-winning software comes with a mobile app for hands-on operation management.

ResortForward is another great fit for small and medium-sized properties with the flexibility to match operational needs and a full arsenal of tools to optimize management.

RMS is a versatile solution for properties of all sizes and needs with a robust user interface that is easy to adopt and offers a variety of scalable solutions.

Roverpass’s features optimize operations with booking calendars, interactive site maps, POS integrations, centralized channel management, and peace of mind with hands-on customer support available 7 days a week.

Staylist advances guest experiences with a state-of-the-art booking system featuring a host of intuitive features for streamlined booking. They provide in-depth insights and marketing integrations designed for growth and simplified operations management.

A property management system with direct connections to relevant OTAs like Spot2Nite can significantly enhance your campground or RV park’s online visibility and booking capabilities. This direct integration ensures accurate and up-to-date information on availability and pricing, ultimately driving more bookings and revenue for your business. Get a head start on your competition and the camping season and connect with a PMS that will drive revenue and success for years to come. Click here to learn more about Spot2Nite’s PMS partners and discover how easy it is to connect to our marketplace of over 60 million campers for instant booking.