Industry-specific online travel agencies (OTAs) like Spot2Nite play an instrumental role in helping campgrounds and RV parks maximize their revenue on outdoor accommodations. Here are five ways in which OTAs contribute to this goal:

1. Increased Visibility and Reach: OTAs have a vast, yet targeted, user base and extensive marketing resources, allowing campgrounds and RV parks to reach a wider audience than they would organically. By listing on a platform like Spot2Nite, which is directly integrated with your property’s outdoor accommodation inventory can be placed within a centralized marketplace that is advertised to over 60 million outdoor enthusiasts. Through Spot2Nite’s marketing efforts, which come at zero cost to campground operators, alongside industry-leading distribution channel partners, your property can cast a wider net and reach more potential guests.

2. Seamless Booking Experience: OTAs provide a user-friendly interface that simplifies the booking process for users. Instead of a traveler spending time running availability searches across numerous property websites or calling often-inundated front desk teams in an attempt to find a campsite that meets their needs, Spot2Nite offers a convenient and hassle-free experience. By providing filters that tailor search results to a traveler’s specific RV requirements and amenity preferences, Spot2Nite’s centralized marketplace lowers the barrier of entry to efficiently make a reservation, which boosts revenue for your property by increasing the conversion rate on completed bookings.

3. Dynamic Pricing Strategies: Dynamic pricing strategies based on demand or seasonality help optimize revenue by ensuring that your accommodation rates remain competitive and reflective of market conditions, maximizing occupancy and profitability. Because Spot2Nite is directly integrated with your park management system (PMS) through an application programming interface (API) connection, Spot2Nite can automatically pull in and accurately distribute rates to match any dynamic pricing rule that you apply within your PMS account, in real time. And unlike other OTAs, there are no double booking mishaps or extra administrative holds needed to manage inventory.

4. Targeted Marketing Campaigns: OTAs have advanced marketing capabilities and access to customer data, enabling them to execute targeted marketing campaigns. By leveraging demographic and behavioral insights, first and third-party data, as well as geographical and contextual targeting, OTAs can reach specific audiences who are more likely to be interested in what you offer, increasing the chances of attracting relevant bookings and driving revenue growth. As the leading OTA within the camping industry with a customer base of over 60 million travelers, Spot2Nite drives campers to campgrounds through targeted marketing strategies backed by paid spends across digital advertisements, social media, blog content, email outreach, SMS, and push notification channels.

5. Cost Savings: As an operator of a campground or RV park, you know firsthand the importance of managing your operating costs. With OTA platforms, you have the opportunity to reduce your marketing and distribution expenses. By outsourcing these efforts to OTAs, you can save money on advertising and sales costs. This is particularly beneficial for smaller parks that may not have the resources to manage their own marketing campaigns. Spot2Nite charges zero setup cost, zero marketing fees, and zero commission fees. And because Spot2Nite covers credit card processing fees, your property will earn approximately 3% more on every reservation that is booked through Spot2Nite.

Spot2Nite connects travelers to your campground through connections with 10 dedicated PMS partners. Campgrounds utilizing Checkfront, Good Sam, MYSites, Newbook, ResNexus, ResortForward, RMS, Roverpass, Staylist, or Tentrr can conveniently connect with Spot2Nite with zero setup costs and zero commission fees. 

By partnering with OTAs, campgrounds and RV parks can expand their reach, improve their profitability, and stay competitive in the marketplace. Don’t let limited resources hold back your property from reaching its full potential. Try Spot2Nite’s Revenue Calculator to discover how much your property could earn per year in commission-free reservations, and see how simple it is to connect through your existing PMS.