Connect your RMS account to Spot2Nite

Now you can easily connect your existing RMS Cloud account to Spot2Nite and start driving more customers to your park.


Follow these simple steps to connect:

  1. Send an email to RMS ([email protected]) with your Client Number and property name, and in the email request connection to Spot2Nite REST API.
  2. The park operator will be sent paperwork (email) and completes it which will add the $0 module to the database. (There is no cost involved.)
  3. Once complete, RMS will provide Spot2Nite with connection keys so that we can build out your park for the app.

About RMS

RMS offers flexible and scalable cloud-based reservation management solutions to fit the needs of outdoor properties like yours. With 40+ years of experience, supporting over 7,000 properties, RMS technology is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of RV parks and campgrounds. We help properties streamline their day-to-day, increase bookings, and keep guests coming back to increase revenue and maximize business potential.

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