Connect your MYSites account to Spot2Nite

Now you can easily connect Spot2Nite to your existing MYSites account and start driving more customers to your park!

Follow these simple steps to connect:

  1. Go to Marketing Manager in your MYSites dashboard 
  2. Select Spot2Nite iMenu Option 
  3. Click Enable 
  4. Choose specific sites to list or list by site group 
  5. After these steps are complete Spot2Nite will import your park profile and map your RV site inventory

About MYSites

MYSites Reservation System is a highly advanced cloud-based software solution that delivers powerful technology in a mobile-optimized interface. With features such as automated invoice delivery, text messaging, inventory updates, and free software customizations, you can focus on what really matters – providing an exceptional guest experience.

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