Digital advertising can increase brand awareness by 80%, setting your property apart while driving awareness and attracting sales. Whether you are just starting out or oversee multiple properties, there is a wide range of advertising opportunities to consider.  So, we’ve compiled some highlights on the key forms of digital media that consistently add value to outdoor hospitality brands and businesses, and help them accomplish a wide variety of marketing goals:


Most of the ads that you see while browsing the web are Display Ads. Flexible, targeted, and efficient, Display is the leading form of digital advertising used to reach consumers at scale. This format is a perfect starting point if you are new to digital advertising. Display ads create a personalized experience with customized location and content targeting, to influence people during relevant moments and amplify response. Plus, the wide range of creative capabilities allows for memorable ads that consumers are more likely to engage with.


There are many different types of online video advertisements. They may pop up as a new article loads on or play before last night’s highlights on 82% of sales and marketing professionals say that video is more important than ever, and are prioritizing this powerful format. Whether embedded within website content or featured on streaming platforms, video connects you with audiences anywhere they want to watch, including the growing number who are tuning in on personal devices like mobile screens and tablets. In fact, this channel is a favorite among consumers, as 72% say they would rather be introduced to a new brand or service by a video, favoring the captivating combination of sight and sound.


Geofencing is an advertising tactic that involves targeting audiences within a predefined geographical area, like those visiting a specific destination or property.  By targeting people when they are in a desirable location, you’re influencing them when and where they’re more likely to be interested and receptive to your message. Geofencing is easy to activate if you know the places or customers you want to reach and can be used in conjunction with many ad formats including display and video ads.


Search is exactly what it sounds like, advertisements within and related to your search results. Sometimes, you may not even notice it is an ad. Search works best when used in combination with display or video ads. While 93% of Americans use a search engine to find out more about local businesses, customers are also 155% more likely to search for a brand or business after being exposed to a display ad about it. We offer search advertising on both major platforms, Google and Bing, to keep your property top of mind and ahead of competitive offers anywhere customers are browsing.  

Here to Help

Running a digital advertising campaign allows you to reach more customers across the devices and online channels they use every day.  If you’re interested in exploring further, having an idea of the audience you want to target and the goal you want to achieve is a great place to start. A premium media partner can help guide you through the rest. Connect with Spot2Nite today to discover more ways to market your campground and maximize revenue.