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Track net bookings, average reservation size, booked nights, and more across any period of time.


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Discover opportunities to improve your property’s performance on Spot2Nite with data points on your public profile page.

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See what campground operators are saying about Spot2Nite

Mountain Glen RV Park & Campground

“One of the hassles with OTAs is having to spend hours creating your park profile, and then managing the inventory and reservations. Spot2Nite already had everything built and all I had to do was receive the reservations!”

Mountain Glen RV Park & Campground
Pikeville, Tennessee

River Vista Village

“Connecting our campground with Spot2Nite was fast, so simple, and didn’t cost us anything! We love receiving exposure and bookings on Spot2Nite.”

River Vista Village
Dillard, Georgia

River Vista Village

“We’ve recently partnered with Spot2Nite and they’ve been a great help. We’re already seeing reservations coming in from them, and they’re even advertising us as well. They gave us a call on our first reservation through them and have been in constant contact to let us know when we see something from them. They work quickly and are attentive when issues are brought up, and we’re looking forward to our continued partnership with them!”

Whispering Pines RV Campground
Cle Elum, Washington

Your questions, answered

What is Spot2Nite?

Spot2Nite serves the campground industry as a neutral OTA and marketplace that displays real-time availability and pricing of your outdoor accommodations to over 60 million campers for instant booking.

Who can use Spot2Nite?

Spot2Nite is offered as a free marketing distribution channel through your property management system. If your PMS is one of our official partners, you can add your park to Spot2Nite at no cost.

How do I add my park to Spot2Nite?

Our park relations team handles everything for you. All we need are just few details from your PMS to get started and your park can be live on Spot2Nite in one to two business days. Contact us directly at [email protected] or 877-778-2683 to get started.

How do campers find my park?

Combining your real-time outdoor accommodation site inventory from your PMS along with specific details and photos of your park, we build and add your custom profile page to the Spot2Nite marketplace for maximum exposure.

How do campers find Spot2Nite?

Our team implements targeted marketing strategies backed by paid spends across Search, Social Media, Blog, Email, SMS, and Push Notification channels to advertise Spot2Nite.

How are my reservations handled on Spot2Nite?

Reservations booked through Spot2Nite are instantly sent to your PMS – everything from guest and vehicle details to dates and site location automatically flow right into your system.

What does Spot2Nite cost me?

Spot2Nite does not charge park operators any commission or reservation fees. Instead, we charge the camper a modest 10% convenience fee upon check-out.

How do I get paid for reservations booked on Spot2Nite?

The total amount due for your reservations is deposited in your bank account within one to two business days. We also offer a faster payout option with pre-funded credit cards attached to reservations sent to your PMS. 

Do I have to manage my inventory on Spot2Nite?

No. Your inventory is automatically managed through your property management system, to which we directly connect. Spot2Nite dynamically pulls and displays your real-time inventory directly from your PMS.